AMW Construction Supply proudly sells Simpson Strong-Tie products.

Case Studies


  • AMW is the leading supplier of multiple products and services to the construction, stone, and brick products industry in the world today.
  • Contractors large and small are making major efforts to consolidate their industrial supply chains and find savings as well as improved efficiencies by using fewer suppliers.
  • Contractors want their supply chains to be smaller and more efficient, and are demanding that suppliers provide more than just one product link.
  • Having fewer and more efficient suppliers helps contractors both large and small reduce administrative and logistical needs.
  • Companies are seeking only those suppliers who can meet a multitude of needs and drive their administrative and assembly costs down. From supplying commodity products to equipment and equipment service and parts, today's suppliers must be more than just "One-Trick Pony" performers.
  • Efforts to make supply chains more efficient are not new but are gaining more importance as companies must find ways to better compete in the marketplace.
  • Backed by over 125 years combined experience in the construction supply industry, AMW has been working hard to establish partnerships with the world's finest industrial product manufacturers to bring to market the best and most complete line of products and services for the construction industry.